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October 31st, 2005

sunshineribbons @ 07:03 pm: i know i keep asking, but i keep forgetting

a capella show in lexington this saturday night?
who's in?

i'll drive, yo

October 16th, 2005

sunshineribbons @ 12:19 am: this is the least organized thing i've organized in a while

(It’s official)

Please come to


17th Birthday Party

Saturday, October 22, 2005

7:00 – 11:00 pm

80 Brookdale Road, Sudbury

rsvp to 978-443-7894



Hope to see you there!

Current Mood: my mommy made the invite
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September 20th, 2005

ala_mode @ 09:18 pm: YOUR INVITED...


When? Saturday night.  Not sure what time because I'm going to dinner with my parents before hand.  Roughly 7 or 7:30.

Where? My house, duh.

What?  A low key movie-watching and cake-eating night. 


p.s.  Prescott and Mike are also invited, so if you could pass that along to Prescott, that'd be cool.

Reply to this or tell me in school if you can come...whatever.

:]  Hanni

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sunshineribbons @ 07:28 pm: 1. Tomorrow is the last official day of summer!!
Flip flops, and summery skirts, and lemonade?
let's do it
[Evo, you don't HAVE to wear a skirt...]

2. I have a favor to ask.
I need about 70 burned copies of a cd.
By Sunday.
I was wondering if you, my darling friends, if I gave you each 4 or 5 blank cds, if would be willing/able to burn a few copies for me...
Thanks so much, let me know.

love love love!

September 11th, 2005

sunshineribbons @ 04:04 pm: Anyone up for a clothes swap sometime soon?
Or should I just give it all away?

Remember your mix CDs for Monday!

And congrats on making it through the first week[ish] of school!


August 15th, 2005

sunshineribbons @ 02:05 pm: i heart pollstar
Sorry we didn't get to Warped Tour this year guys, but hey, great weather to NOT go in... 

Upcoming concert alerts 
Comment if you can go, want to go, whatever, i love you 

Carbon Leaf: 
Sunday, September 11th WITH JASON MRAZ @ the Century Lounge, in Providence, RI 
Monday, September 12th possibly with Mr. A-Z @ the Iron Horse, in North Hampton 

Gin Blossoms: 
Saturday, September 17th, iforgottowritedownwhere 

Thursday, September 29th @ Bank of America Pavillion 

Thursday, October 6th @ the Orpheum 

Death Cab for Cutie: 
Monday, October 17th @ the Orpheum Saturday, October22nd @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, in Providence, RI 

Thursday, August 18th in Providence, RI *VERY SOON* 
Thursday, September 8th @ Assumption College *FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL* 
Saturday, September 17th @ Lupo's, in Providence, RI 
Thursday, October 13th @ the Paradise *THERE IS NO SCHOOL THIS DAY & IT IS ANNA'S SWEET 16*

 Nintendo Fusion Tour: THE STARTING LINE, also Fall Out Boy, Boys Night Out &more (i don;t really know those 2, but maybe you do!) 
Saturday, October 8th iforgetwhereohdarn
Tuesday, November 22nd @Lupo's in Providence, RI *JUST ONE MORE [HALF]DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING BREAK!*

Current Mood: for a concert!
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August 4th, 2005

sunshineribbons @ 12:09 pm: Just got an offer for a babysitting job over Labor Day Weekend, but I'll be away, being Jewish, you know.

I said I'd pass on some names and numbers.
2 cute little girls visiting from Jersey.

Anyone up for it?

August 1st, 2005

sunshineribbons @ 07:34 pm: Let's all go on a date

dinner and a movie, please
EMPIRE RECORDS specifically

how does Wednesday night sound?
where shall it be?
we need Evo and Prescott, so parentals must be home

comments? questions? ideas?

ps. picnic tomorrow? call me

June 25th, 2005

emilitachiquita @ 12:16 pm:

okay- so I need everybody's emails to send you all The Juice List, but before I do, anyone have anything else to add to it?

(for you guys that don't know the The Juice List is a list filled with crazy goals to strive for this summer, like "go to a wild party" and "wear a cute sundress and go shoe shopping" and "befriend a stranger" and "go skinny dipping"... so come up with some crazy ideas, give me your email addresses and lets have fun)

can we get sybil to join or friend this?

and do Prescott and Evo have screen names?

and AMY I would love love love love love you if you gave me a copy of your calendar of when people are around

If I don't see some of you before you leave, have fun wherever you're going!!!!

loooooove emmy

Current Mood: happyhappy

May 20th, 2005

emilitachiquita @ 03:29 pm: While we're on the subject of summer plans- after our last exam (in 21 school days) on the 24th will be a pooooool partay. Hopefully it will be hot out by then. SO yeaaaah. And since the trail-thing doesn't seem like it's going to happen (stupid full trips) if anyone has an idea of something fun we could all do together around that time, that'd be cool.

And let's not forget about our goldfish- Neato Veto! (Neve for short- which I think should be pronounced Neavie)

OH and I get my wisdom teeth out on the 29th, so anyone who wants to watch movies and eat ice-cream will be very much loved.

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